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So Fresh. . . .

is everything wellness. Devoted to providing the most incredible experiences to individuals, groups and families, we are an organization that offers retreats, collaboration, family travel, parenting and wellness advice. Our programs and services are based upon true, honest community engagement and affiliation with incredible people, retreat centres and ethical companies.


I am Lauren Spicer MA PMP CHN RYT, founder of So Fresh. Originally from Toronto, Canada I noticed a huge gap in the health and wellness industry abroad. My journey started as an effort to spread holistic nutrition, wellness and fitness knowledge and services across Panama. My own experiences, background and education enabled me to begin making strides in wellness efforts for communities in both Canada and Panama. Later expanding to Costa Rica and beyond. Together with my sister, Vanessa Jewett we have been able to expand So Fresh into an exciting and ever evolving business that incorporates our love for parenthood, travel and family wellness.