Stay On Track When You Travel



My husband and I have been fortunate in life to be able to travel extensively for work. Criss-crossing the country, checking out remote corners of the world—between the two of us, we have racked up a fair number of frequent flyer miles. Traveling for work is certainly different than traveling for vacation—you have to be ready to go, perform at a high level and have endurance to do your job while adjusting to time change. 

To stay on track and make sure life stays as normal as possible, across all the leaps and bounds around the world, here are some things that we always do.

Sweat Everyday

Exhaustion and a busy schedule can make it easy to skip a workout. Additionally, being away from home can feel like there has been a wrench thrown in whatever workout plan/bootcamp attendance/yoga challenge you are in the middle of. Exercise will help to maintain immune function, detox the body and calm the mind. Don’t view your trip as a set back, but a chance to try something new:

  • Hotel workouts: Type “hotel workout” or “body weight workout” into any search engine for some ideas about how to start a sweat. Squats, lunges, planks, push-ups can all be highly effective without requiring any equipment. Make sure you pay attention to form and stay in your comfort zone—injuries while travelling are never good!

  • Local opportunities: One of the best ways to experience a new city is jumping into the local fitness culture. Look up a community centre pool, crossfit gym or yoga studio before you even depart. Many studios and gyms offer an introductory trial pass for first timers, which is a great way to get some high quality workouts in without needing a full membership. Local running shops may host evening runs while some cities even have bikes for rent.

  • Stretching: Often one of the most neglected parts of physical fitness, stretching, can be the perfect thing to hone in during a trip. Stretching will help to lengthen your muscles, massage your organs and relax the mind—even if you are pressed for time or space. Spread out a towel on the hotel floor and work through basic stretches, or check out our Pose of the Month for some additional ideas.

Source Out The Grocery Store

Small sacrifices add up when you are travelling—opting for a heavy breakfast, forgetting to hydrate, subsisting on bagels. We head to the grocery store when we land, even on short trips, to grab a few things for the hotel mini-fridge: 

  • Lemons: Starting the morning with a lemon squeezed into warm water is one of the most detoxifying things you can do. It helps to cleanse the liver and also gives you a kick of vitamin C, boosting your immune system.

  • Fluids: Kombucha, green juice, aloe water. Pick your poison, but make sure it will help to rehydrate you after a long flight. Caffeine may feel like a great idea, but refilling your body’s cells with hydration and nutrients will go farther in terms of helping you feel your best.

  • Fruit, trail mix, granola bars: Time change can have you craving food outside of the normal breakfast-lunch-dinner schedule. Beat that by stocking up on snacks that are easy to transport and are healthier than a fast food option. Just make sure that you select packaged foods that are high on simple ingredients and low on added sugar.

Pack Up The Essentials

Traveling takes a toll on the body—long hours sitting, time changes, dry airplane air, unfamiliar hotels. Some of the items that have earned a spot in our carry-on include:

  • Lavender essential oil: Lavender can help to make the hotel room smell like home. Due to its calming properties, lavender can even help you unwind and get to sleep. Adios, jet lag.

  • Peppermint essential oil: This oil is key for battling headaches, and can reinvigorate the most tired traveler. Applied topically with a carrier oil, like coconut oil, peppermint can even ease achy muscles.

  • Small beeswax candle: Burning beeswax is thought to release negative ions, which helps to neutralize and purify the air. The gentle glow is soothing, perfect to light for a meditation session to calm down after a hectic travel day.

  • Coconut oil: It works to hydrate the skin, soothe the lips, or as hair oil. The options are endless—just make sure to store 100 mL or less in a leak proof container, as it can liquefy in the heat!