Get More Out Of Your Vacation With A Retreat


For many of us, talking about, hearing and taking on international travel ourselves, has become as common as heading to the supermarket. We no longer fear exotic locations, we live without boundaries and acknowledge the benefits of a good adventure. As a result, tourism is changing and it is changing for the better. 

Joe Robinson, author of Work to Live says “Vacation is a wellness issue, as important as careful eating and regular exercise.” It is that very phrase that defines the evolution of travel. Vacations are not just an opportunity to count how many destinations you have seen or to sit back in a lounge chair for a week. It is an experience. It allows you to feel brighter, to become more knowledgeable, taste amazing local cuisines and attempt to speak languages you’ve never heard before. Vacations allow us to become our best selves inside and out—instead of our laziest, not that relaxing is totally out of the question. Which is exactly why wellness tourism is the greatest thing to hit the avid traveller. 


Looking to scale a mountain, view both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans simultaneously or swim with whale sharks in turquoise water? All of these experiences and more are offered throughout the globe in a range of formats. 

People looking for adventure travel are generally also seeking some serious fitness opportunities so make sure you peruse the travel company’s difficulty scale before signing up. There are a number of companies that offer a range of activities at all levels. Take a look at So Fresh retreat offerings for small personalized options and luxury accommodations in Central America or G Adventures for larger, budget, group centred activities worldwide. 


Health, wellness, couples, yoga, surf, meditation, spirituality, fitness, wilderness…. the list goes on. Retreats are no longer simply for the zen at heart. There are a wide variety of amazing retreats for all ages, interests and locations. Before pulling out your credit card, make sure that the retreat you sign up for is right for you. The last thing you want is to be stuck with senior citizens if you are in your twenties or at a vegan vacation if you are a serious carnivore. 

Take a look at Toronto based Big Tree Mind for annual yoga retreats, Sansara Resort for a taste of heaven, or the more exotic Absolute Travel for an exotic adventure. 


If tracking down the next best culinary secret is your travel goal, culinary tourism might just be for you. Involving healthy meals and the freshest ingredients the best culinary vacations are often nutritionist approved. 

For foodies looking for a balance between amazing meals and transformational experience, make sure you take a closer look at the schedules, menus and meal options on your favourite wellness travel website. Edible Destinations is a website that is entirely devoted to culinary travel but retreat centres like Sansara Resort in Cambutal, Panama also offer amazing food on site. 

Weight Loss

Weight loss resorts are incredibly popular across the U.S. Dropping a few pounds over a holiday seems wonderful but if the experience isn’t sustainable, the vacation won’t pay off. Learning about nutrition, a healthy balanced lifestyle and solutions for consistent and meaningful change is the only thing that will keep you in your skinny jeans. 

When looking for weight loss retreats, focus on experiences that include nutritional consultations, wellness seminars and experiential learning opportunities. There are weight loss retreats throughout the U.S. like The Hilton Head weight loss retreat.

Personal Improvement

Personal Improvement retreats generally focus around happiness, success, wealth, spirituality and general wellness. These retreats are offered by tons of different companies all over the globe and range from weekend get aways to month long intensive experiences. When you are considering one of these retreats the most vital decision you must make is what you expect to get out of it. Do your research and make sure that the experts leading the retreats have an extensive background and a perspective that fits your own.