5 Reasons You Should Go On A Retreat



1. It isn’t just for hippies and health freaks

I assure you, you will not be surrounded by ‘ohm’ chanting granolas. Health and fitness retreats, wellness getaways and yoga immersion is no longer for the extreme wellness snobs and trees huggers. Everyone has become overwhelmingly health conscious and, as a result, we all have a little tree hugger in us. Plus, of the wellness retreats offered, many stray from your typical “retreat” experience. From adventure and mountain treks to surf getaways, retreats are becoming both super popular and highly diverse. There is no question that you can find a retreat that perfectly fits your ideal holiday objectives or have one personalized

2. Mind blowing cuisine and take home cooking tips

Culinary tourism has a place in its own right but retreats also offer an amazing opportunity to learn about the latest cooking trends and most scrumptious dishes. A lot of retreats now offer private or group cooking classes and demonstrations that provide you with useful and meaningful skills for when you are back in your own kitchen. Look for retreats with all inclusive options and inquire about culinary experiences. Chefs and nutritionists are always thrilled to spread the word about their fave food and recipes. 

3. Come home feeling refreshed, not pickled

Vacations filled with fancy cocktails, unlimited food and the chance to sleep in super late and get over a night on the town are loads of fun. Unfortunately, they often leave you requiring an additional week of vacation just to recover. Wellness retreats offer the opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities, including drinking, in a more moderate and memorable manner. That way you go back to your normal life with a new outlook rather than a week long hangover. 

4. See parts of the world few have had the opportunity to visit

One of the most incredible part of the newest retreats is that they are located in areas that are not necessarily the centre of the tourism universe. You get to see more remote, breathtaking locations and meet incredible local people than any other holiday alternative. 

5. Enjoy an experience not just a vacation

Retreats are not just a vacation. Yes, you will likely gain a tan, a massage, a lot of down time and a whole lot of exotic experiences but you will also enjoy the benefit of self reflection and revitalization. Retreats are experiences. They provide guests with a million memories and lessons to take home with them as well as plenty of new relationships, insights and plans for the future. 

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