Why A Doula Is Right For You


The word "doula" means "a woman who serves" in ancient Greek and appropriately so. Doulas are trained to assist a pregnant woman during pregnancy, childbirth and may also provide support to the family after the baby is born. These women act as the mom-to-be’s advocate, educator, and emotional, physical and intellectual supporter. 

Natasha Marchand, Doula and co-founder of Bebo Mia in Toronto, worked with us to develop our list of the top fives reasons that a Doula may be the best decision for your pregnancy.

A doula is there for you

While your spouse, friends and family members, doctors, hospital staff and/or midwives are incredibly important to the whole process, a doula is different. She is there 100 per cent for the birthing woman. Serving the mother doesn’t mean overlooking the amazing growth and health of the baby but it does mean that the mother’s concerns, comfort, excitement and confusion are put well beyond anything else. 

A doula is your teammate

A doula is usually the only birth professional in the birthing room that mom-to-be has spent a significant amount of time with. While your OB/GYN is obviously very important, medical appointments are often quite short. The doula and the birthing mother spend time together throughout the pregnancy as they research and discuss a variety of information and options for pregnancy, birth and beyond. 

A doula is also your coach

When you spend time with a doula pre-labour you are often working through breathing, position and massage techniques that she (and your partner, should you have one) can take into the birthing room. The doula helps to plan the game and gives you the tools you need to execute the plays flawlessly. 

A doula is unbiased

Having a doula is truly like bringing your childbirth educator into the room with you. With the capacity to remain unbiased and clear-headed, a doula will ensure that in-the-moment decision making and medical interventions are considered to the fullest. Just having that educated, unbiased, support person in the room with you has been proven to decrease intervention and improve positive outcomes. 

A doula supports the couple

If the birthing woman has a partner, the doula will support them as well. It can be a tremendous responsibility to support a woman through birth and it is a challenging and laborious job. This is the partner's birth, too and they will also be welcoming a baby into the world. A doula's role is to ensure that the partner feels confident during the birth, they they are supported (have eaten, are well rested) so they can support their birthing mother with trust and ease. 

About Bebo Mia:

Bebo Mia is a full service fertility, pregnancy and parenting boutique that specializes in guiding women safely through times of transition. We know that many women believe having a baby can be overwhelming or even scary, but it does not have to be. Tried and tested for over 15 years, our step by step process and 24/7 support will turn a seemingly daunting experience into something calm, organized and joyous. Bebo Mia also offers doula training courses and business support for doulas.