I Didn't Let Asthma Rule My Life

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lauren spicer asthma
lauren spicer asthma

I don’t recall being diagnosed with asthma. I do remember multiple trips to the doctor, my mom by my bedside late into the evening and being doubled over in my elementary school gymnasium. My most pronounced memory has to be one of me waking in the night, finding it nearly impossible to breathe, coughing unbearably and begging in my mind for my mom or dad to come to me. Getting out of bed was out of the question, let alone making my way down the hallway. Asthma can be scary—and not just when you’re little.

For those who haven’t experienced asthma, it is difficult to imagine the feeling. Being incredibly out of breath after an intense run is a similar sensation. Add the most intense chest pressure and the unbearable feeling that your throat is slowly closing, that you are beginning to drown and you’re starting to understand what it’s like. Your breath is not returning, but rather inducing a quickly rising panic that isn’t sure to go away anytime soon. 

Surprisingly, despite these often alarming symptoms, 92 per cent of Canadians in a study believed that their asthma was controlled, when actually, about half of the patients didn’t meet experts’ standards for asthma control.

Luckily, my asthma hasn’t ruled my life. As a kid, I was able to live normally, play with my friends and even join the swim team. And of course, I had my parents to monitor and assess my asthma symptoms and to teach me how to manage them.

lauren spicer yoga
lauren spicer yoga

Over time, asthma management becomes easier. As you get older, you are able to recognize triggers. For me, these include environmental allergens (anything that induces hayfever), heat and humidity, extreme cold weather, intense exercise, inflammatory foods like dairy and red meat and stress. I stayed confident and slowly improved my capacity for exercise. I learned to breathe through panic and ease my symptoms through lifestyle changes and diet. As a certified yoga instructor, fitness is important to me and exercise is a part of my daily life. By avoiding my triggers and paying attention to my symptoms, I’ve overcome many of the obstacles asthma can present.

Do you have asthma? Are you sure you’ve got it under control? Take The 30 Second Asthma Test! I did and am proud to say that my symptoms are finally controlled. 

Take your results to your doctor and share them with friends and family. 

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