My Snarky Pregnancy: Sharing The News


Oh, pregnancy. The happiness and overwhelming joy of growing a new, tiny human… is massively misrepresented. There are so many incredible, weird and life changing parts of pregnancy that I am only just beginning to experience but I'm already realizing that the real honest, snarky truth is missing from many baby-growing narratives. So I'm going to share my gassy, cynical, profanity-laden opinions with the world.

One of the best parts of being pregnant is telling people about it. Or so it was for my husband. Nooooottttt so much for me. I was indifferent and didn’t feel like putting on the blissful grin. However, I also didn’t feel like having to hide my desire to vomit or the lack of red wine in hand. We live in Panama. Our families are in Canada, so our bi-annual visits are kind of a big deal. With news like this in our back pockets, I was certain I was going to have to either cancel the trip or burrow myself into the closest closet to avoid all of the grandiose exclamations from friends and family. About eight weeks in and after the doc gave us the thumbs up to a strong pregnancy, we decided that despite my past miscarriage we would have to reveal the news a few weeks before the token 12-week green light. After all, who would believe that I was just “not thirsty” or perpetually flu-ish and green? I didn’t think that my overwhelming cravings for French fries were going to fly under the radar, either. My nutritionist ways ensured that I pretty much never indulged in fried food, let alone an extra large order of fresh cut fries with sea salt and a side of good old ketchup…followed by uncontrollable vomiting. 

Family was thrilled and I tried my best to go along with it. Interestingly, the more people we talked to, the more friends we told the ‘good news’, the more I began to believe that I was excited too. The indifference and regret, while still present, began to ebb away. I was more and more able to embrace it as an exciting chapter and start worrying about the usual things. Finally, the light at the end of the antenatal freak out was beginning to shine by week 11 and instead, finances, housing, doctor’s appointments, travel, relationship/sex and normal mom-to-be life worries started to seep into my exhausted, very gassy body.