My Snarky Pregnancy: Body Changes

I'm taking weekly photos of myself because people tell me I should. In reality, I feel a bit self-involved and embarrassed by it. Especially the fact that I am essentially taking photos of not baby belly but sometimes just gas. None the less, I am taking them, sharing them and secretly hoping that there is a semblance of myself in each image. And that the photo from six weeks also represents where I will be within six months after birth. Wishful thinking?

While my belly slowly grows, what shocked me were my thighs. Those are growing at an unfortunate rate. I am a nutritionist. Our home only contains vegan foods, so we tend to eat a dairy-, chicken-, meat-free diet with a ridiculous amount of greens, veg and fruit. I am quite conscious of my 1400-1800 calories each day for my pregnancy and while random cravings and indulgences are totally a part of this experience, I am eating pretty damn healthy. None the less, the thunder has reached the thighs. 

I sent the pic to family, who are amazing at telling me what I want to hear. My mom, who lets me complain and who has happily held my hair back each and every time I puked, always has a fun, inspirational dialogue ready for me. It was her response to my concerns over my uterus being partially contained in my ass and thighs that was more perfect that anything I could have thought of. 

“Children never go where they are told” she said. Nailed it, Mom. Nailed it.