Lulla Doll Review: She's Our Best Friend

Her name is Lulla and she is one of our best friends. When I say “our” I mean my whole little family. My husband, our three month old Hawksley and myself. She has been our best friend for over two months now but as any mom can understand, getting the time to write this was more challenging than I expected. Thankfully Lulla’s helped.

Lulla is an amazingly innovative sleep companion for little ones. It is intended to provide a little comfort to baby but it also offers support to new moms lacking sleep, wanting their little ones to be happy and soothed and sleeping. It works. Lulla’s plush exterior and cute little face are just the beginning. By pressing on her little heart, Lulla’s magic really begins. With the sound of a mama’s breath and heartbeat, babies are lulled to sleep.


When I first heard about Lulla, I thought it was an interesting concept. I loved the idea of being able to help my baby transition from the womb and slowly but surely into his very own bed. At night Hawksley would be snuggled between us in a safe dock-a-tot or bedside bassinet but during the day he wouldn’t nap. Being on my or my husband’s chest at all times was heart-warming but a pretty difficult routine to keep up. Between the need to pee and eat, let’s be serious, just having a baby makes it hard enough without having them as a permanent appendage. Letting him whimper or cry just isn’t my style and all the research is screaming “don’t do it!”. So, when Lulla arrived, she was a huge blessing.

Between light and noise and external distractions, it became impossible to settle Hawksley down. But the first miraculous time we introduce him to Lulla, everything changed. I spent a few nights sleeping with Lulla to help transfer my smell to her. I had spoken with my amazing sleep consultant, Amy Douglas ( and she had comfirmed how helpful a “lovey” (stuffed toy or blanket) can be with transitions to new sleeping arrangements. I was excited to give it a try. With absolutely no exaggeration, Hawksley fell asleep within minutes of placing Lulla next to him in his bassinet. I was floored. I tried to think of what else would have contributed to this miraculous pass-out. We were on holiday at a beach house when we tried it. The surroundings, smells and sounds were different than he was used to. At just a month old, he had barely left the house at all and yet here he was, sound asleep and perfectly content.


It wasn’t magic. It was Lulla. Hawksley is now three months old and sleeps with Lulla for every nap and at night. He can now grab for her and is becoming more and more aware of her presence. The gentle sound of her breath and heart beat is what helps to lull him to dreamland for naps and what keeps him dozing for more than 15 minutes at a time. I can’t possibly convince anyone through words and I wish more than anything that I had been filming those first few minutes of their meeting (lord knows I have a billion other videos of our little man), but if you’re struggling with your baby’s sleep or wondering how you can possibly put baby down without feeling badly that you aren’t there for snuggles and constant reassurance, then maybe it is time you introduced Lulla to your little family.