Mom Shaming At Its Finest


I recently deleted a comment from my Instagram account. I want to encourage moms to be open, to be willing to share and to inspire one another with our struggles, successes and funny little moments without feeling like they might be scrutinized. I represent only ONE single version of a mama. There are so many other beautiful ways to raise our little ones and I wanted to show a snapshot of my own experience. The comment I received, however, did not offer an open, loving environment. So I deleted it and what happened next was telling. The dark scary trolls of the internet are lurking. They are angry and they are not who you might expect. 

The comment was on my photo of me breastfeeding my little guy. Comfy and snuggled up to me as he usually is. My notepad happened to be lying next to me with to-dos I had been checking off before Hawksley woke up from his nap, ready to eat.

“I have made the conscious decision to have a career and raise my little monkey right alongside me. It isn’t perfect and it isn’t easy. It means a hell of a lot of juggling and somehow finding balance in my day, offering love and time to the babe even when my hands could be full of something else. It means not crying over spilled BREASTmilk and understanding that I am so incredibly lucky to be able to spend my days by his side.”


“But your arms appear to be too full to hold and embrace him while he nurses…”

Maybe I shouldn’t have engaged. Maybe I shouldn’t have deleted the silly comment. But I deleted it and wrote the person to let them know why their comment was deleted. The response to my message was astonishing, presumptuous and well.... you be the judge. I could have responded in thousand ways. I could have addressed everything that was wrong with the assumptions and comments made. However, in an effort to stand tall, to unite with all the awesome, loving mamas of the world, I wanted to share this amazing conversation with the world. The one thing I have learned is that people are awfully quick to develop their own bigger picture from a single snapshot. 

Stand tall with me. Show the world how unique you are by posting your own multi-tasking, love bug feeding (#fedisbest) or ass-kicking mom boss selfie with the hashtag #allmomsareunique


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