The Insanity and Bliss of Travelling with a One Month Old

Playa Malibu, Panama 2017 I look nearly as tired as I felt.

Playa Malibu, Panama 2017
I look nearly as tired as I felt.

Travelling with a one month old. Maybe we were crazy, but honestly, it was pretty nice. Even if I was totally sleep deprived, the photos alone were so worth it. And while we didn’t have to fly there, it was in a location some might consider “exotic”: The Pacific coast of Panama. 

Too often it is media or our own perceptions that hold us back from experiencing things that are surprisingly safe and incredibly enjoyable. You would not believe how often I am asked if 1. Panama is safe and 2. If there are any concerns people should have before travelling here. The answers? 1. Yes, incredibly safe… unless of course you walk down dark streets by yourself in the middle of the night, but I doubt you would do that at home, so why in a strange country? 2. No. No concerns, vaccinations or warnings. I know the unknown is scary but sometimes the only reason it is scary is because it is unknown. 

We drove just an hour from Panama City with our tiny one month old to enjoy ten days at a beach condo with our families. We enjoyed it so much and have beautiful pictures of our little one’s first holiday to prove it. We also learned a great deal. 

  1. A Dock-a-Tot is a Mom’s Best Friend
    I am sure you have heard of it, considered buying or even own one of your own. For travel, it is a life saver. It provides a safe place for baby to sleep between you in a great big bed and a place for them to rest comfortably in the shade with a sea breeze.

  2. BYO change station
    Rather than get poop all over the bedding or sofa, bring a change mat and a few basics to make your own change area. We used a very deep seated chair in the condo, covered it with a blanket and then a waterproof change mat so that we wouldn’t leave the place smelling like baby pee. Plus it made for easy changes in the night. I knew exactly where I was going and nursed on a chair right next to the change area.

  3. Diaper Cream = Sunscreen
    Yep, you heard correctly. Diaper cream has a lot fo the same components as sunscreen. So while you should not have a baby in the direct sun and while it is not guaranteed by any company (or me) to completely protect baby from the sun, it serves as an added layer of protection that is safe for their newborn skin. I adore Green Beaver diaper cream because it is rich, gentle and made with safe and totally natural ingredients.

  4. Bathing Made easy (er)
    Nothing like a big tiled shower to give you a small heart attack over bathing the tiny slippery babe. We brought a few wash cloths and a mesh collapsible bathing chair. It was much easier than lugging a little bath. Plus by keeping a few wash cloths under warm water we always had something to cover his little body keeping him toasty.

  5. Spray Bottle Cool Downs
    Yep. They don’t necessarily LOVE being sprayed like a feral cat but it is a nice mist to keep them cool. 

  1. Hydration, Hydration, Hydration
    This goes for baby and mama. I can only speak to breastfed babies as our guy was EBF. So I simply say this: Keep drinking enough water to keep your supply up because my goodness, they breastfeed a lot more often when they are in the heat. 

  1. Condo’s make it both easier and more difficult
    What I liked about the condo was privacy. We had a living room where I could nurse and let my partner sleep. We had a kitchen to wash and prepare bottles, clean my breast pump and store the copious amount of food I consumed. That said, the luxury of not making your own meals is something I would have enjoyed. Thankfully having family around made that a whole lot easier.

  2. Travel with family is a must
    From getting a 30 minute date with your spouse between feeds to having people to rock, snuggle, spray and soothe, plus people to cook, having family around for this type of trip was seriously a life saver. 

Have I convinced you? It is definitely much easier to stay in the confines of your comfortable home. Especially when you had the intense postpartum anxiety that I experienced but at the end of the day I was going to be tired, anxious and overwhelmed whether I was home or at the beach so I was glad to be somewhere beautiful! So take the leap and discover your own mini adventure with a newborn.