All Inclusive Resorts: A Perfect Way to Travel With Kids


All Inclusive travel isn’t usually our jam but oh my it makes travelling with toddlers a breeze. Especially if you are travelling with a lot of family and their toddlers. So, despite our resistance towards all inclusive hotels we have visited the Grand Oasis Tulum, two years running. The first time was a less than satisfying experience but they fully made up for it by offering us a (free) second chance at the hotel and they DID impress. Even more so, we learned a few key things to take into consideration when going to an all inclusive resort with little one.

  1. Bring Tupperware
    You know exactly how it goes. You sit down to eat and your toddler is either too distracted or tired, or cranky or even Hangry to eat. So they nibble or they eat a little or they even focus and eat a ton. However, within 30 minutes they are hungry again and either nothing is really open OR the snack bar’s fries and burgers just aren’t your idea of a nutritious morning snack. Tupperware allows you to snag some fruit and cereal from breakfast, veggies and sandwich at lunch and even a touch of dessert for you at dinner. You keep your little well fed which we all know is the secret to a happy family vacation. Just don’t forget a tiny bottle of dish soap to keep that Tupperware clean!

  2. Make sure you have a mini fridge
    This is an extension of number one. Keep your food safely stowed and make sure that any milk that you might have (breast, almond or otherwise) stays fresh. Plus your reusable water bottle will be even more refreshing after a visit to the mini fridge.

  3. Get a beach front, ground floor room
    You might be saying that this is crazy and unsafe, but stay with me. As long as you are in a safe area with security, having a beach front, ground floor room is heaven for mom and dad but most of all the little ones in your life. Assuming you are not going to be leaving your child alone in said room, or sleeping with the door open, you can take advantage of some privacy and sand! A giant sandbox for your kids to play with while you sip on room service coffee or an afternoon mimosa. We adored this! We were able to open the patio doors each morning and release our little guy into the sand (usually completely nude) with sand toys and a snack before breakfast. During his nap, we could relax in the sun watching the waves rather than being stuck inside.

  4. Avoid the “entertainment area”
    Get a room as far away from the “shows” as possible. They are loud, obnoxious and go on way too late. Enough said. 

  5. Stay clear of areas near bars after 8pm
    All inclusives involve a lot of over drinking. The last thing you need to expose your kid to is that drunk twenty (or fifty) something trying to say inappropriate things in Spanish to the unimpressed and mildly offended bartender. Once 8pm hits a lot of people have been to dinner and are now relatively lit and extremely inappropriate.

  1. Make friends
    Kids like other kids and often their parents are quite lovely as well. Stay friendly and you might just come across some super nice, like minded people with whom you can enjoy a drink and watch your little people frolic.

  2. Transportation
    If transportation is included in your package, make sure that you bring your own car seat. If your transportation isn’t included, make sure you bring your own carseat. Yes… even if you have the option of selecting a car seat. We have had consistently terrible experiences with the car seats that transportation companies bring in Canada, Costa Rica and Mexico. The only place we have had GREAT experience was New York City.