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A Fresh Perspective


My journey is as unique as my experiences. From non profit management and brand consulting to wellness and retreat coordination, I have had the amazing opportunity to work in a range of sectors that have truly enriched my capacity for innovative and professional services.

My career started in non profit management and coordination and evolved into consulting for large wellness brands and retreat centres. My graduate diploma in International Project Management was the spark but my Masters degree in International and Community Development, my Yoga Certification and my Nutrition Degree were what set the wheels in motion.

I started a small consulting and retreat company called So Fresh in Panama City, Panama in 2014. It was established as an effort to spread holistic nutrition, wellness and fitness knowledge and services across the country. My own experiences, background and education enabled me to begin making strides in wellness efforts for communities in both Canada and Panama. Over time, using my project management experience, I have established a business that incorporates the needs of exclusive companies who’s objectives involve travel, wellness, family life and parenthood. I am devoted to providing original and innovative project management skills to satisfy every client’s needs. My services are based upon true, honest engagement and affiliation with incredible people, brands and ethical companies.

Now based in Bali, Indonesia I am working with clients from across the globe and from a range of backgrounds. I work with both large and small companies who are seeking guidance in social marketing solutions, program innovation and project coordination. I am also lucky enough to work with a limited number of personal consulting clients; helping individuals and families to manage the intimidating feat of moving abroad.