School faculty are regularly granted professional development opportunities that do not necessarily fit their specific needs, interests or environment. So Fresh works to facilitate seminars that will deeply impact the educator's behaviour, patience and passion. 

Love Yourself First: Practicing Self Care to Excel as an Educator
40 minute Teacher’s Seminar on Nutrition, Health, Fitness and Self Care 

We cannot pour from an empty cup. It is not selfish to refill your own cup so that you can pour into others’. It is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Teacher give. They give their time, their energy, their love and patience. They give advice and knowledge, skills and best practice. They have to present their very best selves every single day. As a result, teachers get tired. Perhaps more tired and more “used up” than any other position. This is exactly why self care and self love are so incredibly important. This seminar will offer a brief and meaningful glimpse into the importance of self care and will help teacher to establish rituals, goals and the difference between the things we Do and the things we know we SHOULD do for ourselves. 

School Faculty are given the opportunity to be inspired, transformed and revitalized through a focus on health and self care.

Yoga for Teachers
Find Your Flow: Yoga to settle the mind and enrich the classroom

Teachers will be led through a relaxing and enriching flow that teaches them the impact of regulated breathing, mindfulness and awareness of the body. Additionally, they will learn how to implement a simple flow in their own classroom, using language and guidance that will build a climate of security, serenity and love for their students.