Business & Expert Services

We want to develop opportunities to expand your services, create a more diverse client group, provide you with amazing travel experiences and ensure that your existing clients enjoy the best possible, international, retreat services and experiences that they can possibly imagine. So Fresh strives to provide you and your clients with a magical, mindful and totally immersive experience that convey's your mission and vision. Through affiliation with hotels, resorts, experts and services, we are able to cater precisely to you and your clients' needs, developing and facilitating a retreat experience that suits your offerings, attitude and expectations. 
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Hotel & Resort Event Services 

Generating a consistent flow of clients can be challenging. In a world with consistent and ever growing competition in the tourism market, your occupancy rates rely heavily on the amenities and services that you can offer your guests so that they return on a regular basis. So Fresh works to create meaningful and individualized programs, retreat services and connections with local and international experts to increase the appeal of your hotel or resort. 

Through affiliation with businesses and experts in health, yoga, fitness, nutrition, education and family programs, So Fresh connects you with the groups and services that fit your unique location, amenities and environment. 
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Rhys Logan

Individual & Group Services

So Fresh is all about Celebration. From the moment you step off the plane until the second we hug you goodbye, you and your friends will be completely captivated by the incredible activities, surroundings and celebrations that So Fresh and our affiliates have to offer. In an effort to ensure a perfect vacation experience, So Fresh offers Bachelorette Parties, Girls' Get Aways, Family Reunions, Gym Excursions and more, the perfect, personally developed and executed holiday that you will never forget. 
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