Host Your Own Retreat

We want to develop opportunities to expand your services, create a more diverse client group, provide you with amazing travel experiences and ensure that your existing clients enjoy the best possible, international, retreat services and experiences that they can possibly imagine. So Fresh strives to provide you and your clients with a magical, mindful and totally immersive experience that convey's your mission and vision. Through affiliation with hotels, resorts, experts and services, we are able to cater precisely to you and your clients' needs, developing and facilitating a retreat experience that suits your offerings, attitude and expectations. 

As experts in the fields of project development and management, health, nutrition, fitness, yoga and tourism, we offer our clients the opportunity to develop they very own, personalized retreats that fit the experiences, services and activities that their clients expect. Through a thorough examination of your services and client profile, So Fresh works with international and local wellness and tourism professionals who help to create the most magical possible holiday in a tropical setting.

 Image courtesy of Sansara Resort, Panama

Image courtesy of Sansara Resort, Panama

So Fresh facilitates retreats at a variety of different hotel and retreat centre locations across Panama. In an effort to satisfy your specific retreat activities and expectations, So Fresh offers a variety of settings, each varying in their location, atmosphere, cost and occupancy. We work closely with each location as an affiliate and logistics coordinator, therefore providing the best possible rates and services. Retreat locations include Hotels in lush mountain towns, Caribbean beaches, Pacific surf towns and luxury five star resorts. 

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Services & Activities:

So Fresh arranges for a wide array of activities and services to fit your greatest desires. These can include the participation of wellness, fitness, and educational professionals and hotel and resort amenities and services. We arrange for all transportation, event planning and logistics. We also encourage you to provide your clients with the activities and/or seminars they love. Our services and activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Yoga, prenatal yoga, children’s yoga, meditation and mindfulness
  • Surfing, Stand Up paddle boarding, snorkelling and additional water sports activities
  • Hiking, camping and adventure
  • Culinary experiences, nutritional consultations and cooking classes
  • Fitness, weight-loss and detoxification
  • Maternal health, baby moons, doula training and prenatal couples seminars
  • Experiential and Innovative educational programs for children and teens 
  • Zip-lining, rock climbing and slack lines
  • Spa treatments
  • Counselling, NLP and motivational seminars


The Process:

  1. Let us develop your dream retreat for you and your clients. This process should begin a minimum of 6 months prior to the retreat. 
  2. Occupancy: Decide how many people you would will recruit to attend the retreat
  3. Duration: Choose the length of the retreat
  4. Date: Provide 2-3 options for the dates you would like to hold your retreat
  5. Activities: Make a list of the activities and services you would like to provide for your guests
  6. Location: Once your date has been chosen, a list of locations will be developed. You can choose the location that best suits your retreat. 
  7. Professionals: To add to your retreat experience, you can choose from local experts or simply use your own programming for your retreat. 
  8. Pricing: Pricing will be developed based on the chosen location, activities 
  9. Book: A deposit for the location and retreat services will be required at the time of booking. Guest deposits will be collected when they make their reservations. Secondary and final payments are required 90 days and 30 days before the retreat. 

Start Planning your Retreat:
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