Families Abroad is a community that was developed by me, Lauren Spicer with the intention of creating a place where parents living abroad could cultivate real relationships, gain information and seek insight about life, raising children and earning money in a variety of locations all over the world. Living abroad and choosing to do so with children on board is an incredibly unique and enriching life decision but is isn’t for everyone. The expat family life is becoming more and more common but it is still something that can be wildly complicated to navigate - especially for moms. Between finding “mom friends” or the right schools, researching immigration procedures, taxes and work opportunities, NAVIGATING children’s sleep or even searching out maternal health practitioners and just your plain old regular doctor, there are a wide range of tasks that are complicated enough when living in your own country let alone venturing to an entirely new one.

That is where I come in. I have spent over nine years abroad and have settled into my family’s third destination; Bali. And while my expertise in Project Management and Logistics, Nutrition, Maternal Health and Yoga may not cover all of the bases, my amazing community of experts does. I want to help you to take the leap towards living abroad with your family or assist you in your next big move. I work with incredible experts who help with every step along the way.

Taking The Leap

Immigration & Taxes

Legal Consultations, Wills and Insurance

Finding a Nomadic Career

Maternal and Postpartum Support