So Fresh is everything wellness. We are devoted to providing the most incredible experiences to individuals, groups and families. Our programs and services are based upon true, honest community engagement and affiliation with a incredible people, retreat centres and ethical companies. We are so proud to be able to work with Soul Shine Yoga as our primary partner in retreat facilitation. Together we are able to offer guests an authentic and rejuvenating retreat experience. 

How it all began

So Fresh was started as So Fresh Nutrition S.A. by Lauren Spicer while living in Panama City, Panama. Lauren Spicer, originally from Toronto, Canada noticed a huge gap in the health and wellness industry. Her journey started as an effort to spread holistic nutrition, wellness and fitness knowledge and services across Panama. Her own experiences, background and education enabled her to begin making strides in wellness efforts for communities in both Canada and Panama. This inspired her and her sister, journalist and PR representative, Vanessa Jewett to come together and expand So Fresh into an a magazine, retreat service company, yoga and holistic health business.

So Fresh delivers family -friendly, healthy lifestyle and wellness information and experiences with authority and style.

To be the premier resource for wellness seekers and yoga lovers in Panama. Providing clients with a family friendly and community centred approach to vacations, events and education. 

So Fresh Mag

Read expert written articles and find out about the latest health and happiness trends by visiting So Fresh Magazine. So Fresh Mag is an online publication that offers a holistic approach to life. We share healthy ideas for living, including holistic nutrition, fitness and workout routines, beauty, travel, home and garden, plus great recipes and meal plans.
Visit us atwww.sofreshmag.com

So Fresh Ed

Educational services and programming for school communities including nutrition, yoga and health seminars and activities for students, faculty and parents. Learn more in the education section of our website. 

So Fresh Nutrition

Seek health services and learn more about Founder, Lauren Spicer here. Or fill out our nutrition intake form to begin your transformation.  

Navīna Retreat Centre

Navīna, is a Sanskrit word meaning new, modern, clean and FRESH. Stay tuned for the launch of our incredible retreat facilities for families, prenatal & maternal health, holistic health and yoga training.