Student seminars and activities are developed, facilitated and adapted to fit the unique student demographic and environment at your school. So Fresh works with administration and teachers to ensure the most impactful programming possible . 

A truly holistic education includes imparting the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve total emotional, physical and mental wellness.

Body Image & Self Esteem: Using Health and Nutrition for Motivation and Self Love
2 hour, Middle and High School Seminar

The Body Image and Self Esteem Seminar offers an innovative approach to the way in which we perceive our bodies. As rates of eating disorders continue to rise and exposure to damaging media and advertising increases, teenage girls are more susceptible than ever to low self esteem as a result of poor body image. So Fresh takes a health-centred approach to body image, offering an honest account of battles with eating disorders. Lauren Spicer helps students to realize the beauty of their bodies, the potential for health and nourishment as a source of self esteem and self love. Facilitators guide students towards rational and inspiring methods for seeking health, steering them away from the negative impacts of dieting and over exercise. This seminar ties into nutrition but also into the yogic concepts of self love. 

You are What You Eat: How Food Can Help You Reach Your Goals
30 Minute Kid’s Nutrition Seminar

The 30 minute nutrition seminar is an interactive and exciting session for students. It focuses on the types of foods we eat and the ways in which they can either help or hinder our energy levels, capacity to learn and ability to build muscle, strong bones and an overall healthy body. Students will be engaged in a challenge to discover the best meal planning strategy so that they can better choose the food they eat. 

Meal time Mission: Discovering Awesome Snacks for an Even More Awesome You
Lunchtime cooking demonstration

During lunchtime, students will be provided with a fun, empowering cooking demo that offers two very simple, very delicious and totally nutritious recipes for snack time. Students will have the chance to help prepare and taste the food. Plus they will be provided with great recipes and shopping lists to bring home to their families. 

Yoga for Kids & Teens
Find Your Flow: Yoga for Beginners

Students will be led through a progressive sequence of stretching and strengthening postures that foster mindfulness and educate them on the range of results that yoga has to offer. Lauren Spicer will speak about the ways in which postures help our bodies and will encourage students to embrace the class with playfulness, humour and relaxation.